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Let me tell you a little background. I am Senior Project Manager with Citibank Singapore. I took about two week's time to write my final drafts. The first company I thought of hiring to work on my drafts is a local Singapore admissions consulting. When they came to know that I was running late to meet the application deadline, they hiked their prices by 100%. When I was on the phone with the company's director I somehow had the feeling that something isn't right. However I thought of giving them a benefit of doubt. However when I reached their local office, I was convinced that I am making the right decision by not engaging them. And then I found this article which echoed the promise to get the job done. This article is written by Cindy Tokumitsu.

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Ohh what can I say about Cindy. I called her on Tuesday evening with a plan to meet the deadline of Friday. It was overseas call and most of my interactions with Cindy were over the emails. She was able to review and critique my essays. Being able to grasp things effortlessly on the emails is a bridge few could cross. While working with Cindy I got used to her style of working. I learnt that she is a morning person. So most of the drafts I have sent to her were by 6:00 PM Singapore time which is 6:00 AM New York time. She took care to inform me about her schedules before hand so that my timelines would not be impacted. I enjoyed working with her immensely and I am completely satisfied with her work. These proud emotional moments, of being admitted to the Booth program, which I am experiencing now is the result of my hard work and invaluable insights provided by Cindy on my essays. I wish her the very best.

Chicago Booth EMBA (Class of 2015)

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