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OG & This = Q50


I have given the GMAT thrice. The first time I used only the OG and landed up with a Q46 - majorly because I ran out of time and couldn't answer the last 5 Quant questions.

The second time, I did the OG and the OG supplement (quant review), but still couldn't go beyond Q48. It seemed I had learnt everything, but I was still blank on a few questions.

This year though, I read review and decided to buy the tests. Because I didn't have much time before the GMAT, I could complete only 8-10 of the GMATClub quant tests, but, oh boy, they made a WORLD of difference. What they did was, made me comfortable with each question type and helped me pace. It helped that the interface is exactly like the GMAT.

There is a bug though - when you switch to practice mode, the timer's label is changed but the direction of timer isn't. The only other con is that some questions may not exactly be 'GMAT' types, but these are rare - so if you're stuck at a question / concepts seems absolutely alien - check out the question stats. If the timer says average for all GC users is over 4-5 minutes, chances are that question wouldn't appear on the real test.

All in all, I would say GC tests had a BIG role in me going Q48 to Q50, would definitely recommend!

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