March 20, 2017

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Good, but with certain limitations.


My original GMAT score is 720 ( Q50,V37). I beleive that Kaplan CATs are very representative of the actual GMAT - I scored consistently 700-740 in Kaplan CAT.
Quant: The software/algorithm first present you with medium level question, only after one can get 90% accuracy - it proceed to high level. When I took my ESR - i found the same. MGMAT bombards with 700-800 level problems once one did the first 3/4 questions correctly, and it keeps on doing the same.
Verbal: While the algorithm may be good - but some questions are very very tough. I scored 73 percentile in RC, but never able to get more than 50% accuracy in Kaplan RC. Some of the RC are so difficult that it just blows off my mind. Kaplan SC generally rely on one split - but I have seen that official question has always more than one split.
But, overall a great practice in comparison with other material in the market. I personally find Kaplan and Manhattan the best source other than official ones.

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