August 15, 2018

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Awesome quotations for boosting your scores. It got the subscription with e-gnat. Started preparing a month back. At that time I was not very good at quant. In my initial CATs on the Gmat club, I scored Q25. In the subsequent tests I got Q30+. After taking a few test, I started to review all the previous CATs. Post I took a another test. My score went up to Q45. I'm still working on the CATs and I still have about 15 CATs speare in Quant. Post completing all the CATs I hope that I will each my target score Q50. We also have the option to reset the question poll so that we can reattempt all the CATs. Analytics that Gmat club provies is also very good. It shows the ability question type wise. From the question I have attempted I got to know that I need to work more on Algebra and function questions.

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