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Course Crackverbal GMAT On-Demand Program

Instructor Arun Jagannathan

Location Online

As a layman when I first started preparing for GMAT, I started to solve the questions straight from GMAT OG without any knowledge of the concepts that are tested on the GMAT. After solving questions (getting most of them wrong), I would look for explanations for the solutions in the back of OG and wouldn't understand the reasoning behind the right and the wrong answers, especially in SC and CR. I didn't sign up for any GMAT course because I was always in the belief that they are very expensive, especially here in the U.S. Therefore, I would refer to Youtube videos pertaining to topics about GMAT.
One day I accidentally came across Arun's video on Youtube while browsing and I have to admit that I was quite impressed as well as surprised. Impressed because a lot of things that he talked about made sense, especially to a newbie like me who was randomly going about GMAT preparation and surprised because I didn't know that there were any companies from India offering online GMAT courses. Out of curiosity, I dug deep into more of CrackVerbal's videos and decided to opt for the free Starter Pack.
After trying the free Starter Pack, I realized that GMAT is a structured test that tests you on limited concepts. Therefore, I immediately got in touch with the CrackVerbal team and bought the comprehensive package for my GMAT preparation.
So far, it has been 2 months into my preparation and I have to say that the way I tackle each question has drastically changed. After watching the video modules from the package, I am now not only able to solve questions correctly but also interpret the wrong ones in the correct way which is very important. I frequently post my queries on the GMAT Club forum where the team always gets back to me with good explanations. I have to say the that GMAT course from CrackVerbal is the best bang for your BUCK!!

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