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Nothing better than Gmatclub


The stories have inspired me time and again. I have read multiple de-briefs and formed my winning strategy. The result...I am more than confident to take my exam unlike earlier. The experts and the blogs are extremely helpful for any given topic that one might think of with regards to GMAT. would recommend this forum to anyone who is looking to improve his/her score in Verbal and especially the non-natives A year back ,i started thinking seriously about the GMAT. The greatest struggle for me was verbal section. While i was doing self study ,i got correct answers by intuition which made me even more dubious about my good score in GMAT. I started searching for good stuff and fortunately bumped into a review on gmat club.The gmat verbal provided me with a great base to start with. My concepts expecially in SC significantly improved. The algorithms used in questions selection is great and just what the student required. This gave me the flexibility of choosing the right kind and number of questions as per requirement.
I owe a lot to you!

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