April 05, 2016

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Worked for me, but wouldn't recommend for all

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(1) lots of practice in quant- most are difficult questions. My weakest math is algebra (I usually plug in numbers), a lot of these questions are high yield (algebra and inequalities) where plugging in numbers won't work
(2) test mode - even though some of these questions are available else where, it's hard to click each link and read questions and answer. these tests provide the questions in a testing situation.

(1) lack of discussion - most questions (unlike the forum) have few discussions and the discussions are often left unanswered. there was a post form 5 months ago and I had the same question and no one answered it :(
really expected admins and mods to put their priority in the paid tests forums and answer questions.
(2) questions found else where - a lot of these questions are found else where as retired or other questions. seems like they just slapped as many questions as they could, just to say look we have "insert big number here" questions
(3) less is more - carrying on from above, I would of liked a lot of the questions filtered. a few quant and a lot of verbal had bad questions. also, there was several questions that tested the same thing (for example the number 0 is divisible by every number)

Verbal, verbal, and verbal - section was, for a lack of a better word, useless. I think they just slapped together some questions. Unlike quant, most answers are not thoroughly. Reading I didn't think was too difficult or had many bad questions. The grammar was big hit/miss - some were good questions, some were bad questions. The CR was just horrible. I think you are lowering your CR score by even bothering with these. I did the Manhattan and one GMAT official book and in both books I get more than 95% of the CR correct, however on these tests it's 70% or maybe even less. In my opinion the verbal (especially CR) is opinion based. Unlike the quant where even if the question is a hard question, there is a right answer. Here, I did poorly on the CR not because the questions were difficult but because the questions were not clear and concise. The goal of each CR question is to have the group of test takers answer 60-80% of each question correct. If it's over 80% than ditch the question because it's too easy. If it's below 60% than ditch the question because it's not clear and it's confusing. Basically, there are "traps" in quant to where I think if less than 50% or even less than 20% of people get a question right, than that's fine as the quant section has only one right answer. But, here they are trying to put "traps" in the CR section which in my opinion shouldn't have traps.

All in All...I think the tests were designed especially for me. They contain a ton of quant, most of which are algebra and inequalities where plugging in number's won't work. I am definitely 100% happy with my purchase. But, this may not be for you. If you are strong in algebra (setting up equations and not plugging in numbers) or if you are looking for verbal help, than I'd look elsewhere.

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April 11, 2016

Just a quick note that based on your posts, I cannot find where you posted any questions about the GMAT Club Tests. I only found one post:

Did you see the link included in the explanation of each question to the discussions? Bunuel and other regularly participate in the GMAT Club tests forum discussions - let me know if I missed anything.

Screenshot is below attached for the links: