May 05, 2017

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Review of MGMAT Interact and Tutoring


this is a brutally honest review of MGMAT Interact, which is basically the 9 week course, and the tutoring sessions offered.

1. I looked at all the interact and attended one trial course. IF YOU ARE SCORING ANYWHERE NEAR 650, I WOULD SAY THE COURSE IS TOO EASY.

2. private tutoring helped a lot. the instructors are obviously knowledgable about the materials. They can help you improve on your areas of weakness, but even then it isnt guaranteed. All test have a very high level of luck. The instructors are also very responsive, ready to answer any questions and provide you with great explanations. The one big con is the price. given that the gmat requires a lot of luck, you have to ask yourself if the price is worth the gamble. But if price isnt a issue, definitely worth taking tutoring courses.

3. the six MGMAT CAT exams...... i hated them . on 2 gmat prep exams, i scored 720. my real score was 720, and 690 before then. out of i think 4 MGMAT exams, I DIDNT SCORE ABOVE 660 ON ONE EXAM. i even scored a 610 on one.... in my opinion the questions are 1. too difficult 2. not accurate reflections of the real test. the MGMAT test actually negatively impacted my mental state, so i decided i wouldnt even review my error log for those test.

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May 08, 2017

I agree about the unrealistic MGMAT practice exams. With a few exceptions, there is no need to practice on anything other than real GMAT questions / practice tests.

July 21, 2018

My experience with the MGMAT practice exam was similar: pathetic. The MGMAT exams are completely useless.