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GMAT Club tests - Best quant resources availble

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Hi all,

Have been thinking of writing review for a long time after benefiting from numerous others. After getting a 690 , I am currently preparing to get a higher score.
My Quant had never bothered me until i came across the DS during my preparation for GMAT. After preparing for a considerable time i realized that i was missing out on the check points that are essential to solve DS. Then i came across a review of the club tests which suggested that they are pretty good. Desperate to improve i decided to subscribe and i could tell you that it was one of my best decisions. Why?
1. The club tests cover all the sections of quant thoroughly
2. Questions are well made and force you to think as the test makers.
3. If you are the one making too many silly mistakes perhaps because you are overlooking facts mentioned in the question stem, then the sheer number of questions available in the club tests is definitely going to help you over come your weakness.
4. Explanations are very clear
5. The more you practice them, the more you develop on your check list for solving DS questions

As for verbal i found some questions " not so GMAT like " but if you want to practice in the new time format, the club tests are definitely helpful

Solving GMAT club test questions has been a huge learning process.

Happy preparing for GMAT!!

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