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I started my prep on my own but soon realised that I needed structure. I discovered CrackVerbal through their youtube videos, and an advertisement on GMATClub. The CrackVerbal online on-demand course provided me with structure to my prep and enhanced the quality of it manyfold.

The course started with a subcourse on "Everything about the GMAT" and how to plan my GMAT prep, followed by separate courses for each of basics of quant, comprehensive concepts of quant, comprehensive RC, CR and SC. Within each of these courses, you would start with the basics of each section, smart techniques to use, concept videos, application videos and tests for quant, and a bunch of practice videos for verbal.

One distinctive feature was the "Inside the mind of a 760 scorer" which gave actual insight into what tough questions look like, what makes them tough, and how can they be solved most effectively. "Prepathon" videos did something similar with even harder questions in a live classroom setting.

The course gave me a very solid and unshakable base, on which I just build on with the help of nothing other than the OG and GMATClub.

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