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Definitely great for some!
September 04 | 2013
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The Economist GMAT Tutor Complete has some definite merits: the convenience of online study, the layout of the course which allows whatever pacing that you're comfortable with, the speedy ask-a-tutor question system that usually responds within a day or two, and a pretty accurate quant and verbal skill measurement. (The scores out of 51).

Negatives: There is never anyone to answer the phone, despite their stating that "learning ambassadors are available from X:xx to Y:yy," the composite score is a bit of a low-ball (I hate to say it, but assumedly for the score guarantee?), and the course level really does not go very high.

I completed about 85% of the course (I was extremely busy with work and other activities in the week leading up to my GMAT, and so I didn't finish the 90% required for the score guarantee), and while the interface was friendly and easy to use (except for a few bugs on the mobile version and a few minor errors in some question wordings), I really did not learn very much.

I think that the course would be great for those looking to jump from 500/600 up, but for anyone already in the 700 zone, I doubt that you would gain very much from the course.

One thing that I think the company should do is fund it's instructors to just write the GMAT once. While I recognize that having written the exam is not a necessary condition for being a good tutor, I definitely think that it's an advantage, and this experience is definitely an expectation that I have for any GMAT prep course.

I may sound a little negative about the course, but I really do think that it would be fantastic and extremely effective for some people - it's just that as someone who was expecting this course to provide that last additional boost in the score, it didn't really deliver on that front as I ended at the same level as when I started the course.

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