April 21, 2018

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Good Quant; Average Verbal


The quant section tests are actually more difficult than the actual GMAT. They have a really large variety of questions and are a brilliant way to practice. The higher difficulty level ensures that you learn to pace well over the exam and choose which shots to take -- you cannot afford to spend/waste a lot of time on individual questions. However, I would suggest to only practice using official GMAT questions and NOT the GMATClub section tests during the last 2 weeks of the exam, because the official questions, even if retired, are actually closer to what you'll see in actual exams.

Verbal, on the other hand, is not as extensive as I feel it could be. There is a relatively small pool of questions, and consequently, small number of practice tests you can take. I would recommend doing the verbal section tests, but also look for the questions in the individual forums for working on more practice questions.

Overall, this tests are worth it, and I would strongly suggest anyone seriously considering GMT prep to get the tests!

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