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Since I travel a lot for work, I was looking for a GMAT prep program that could accommodate my hectic schedule and my particular style of learning. I prefer to learn by reading and completing exercises on my own, and do not do well in a classroom setting. I also have no patience for videos since I like to skip ahead. Economist GMAT Tutor was perfect since I could zip ahead on lessons I was already familiar with. It has over 5000 practice questions across all the GMAT topics, so I was able to sufficiently practice my weakest topics. My favorite part of the app is the predicted score. The program accurately predicted my performance both times I took the GMAT. The only thing I would improve is that some of the explanations for quant questions did not provide enough stepwise logic. The good thing is that you can "ask a tutor" whenever some of the explanations were vague. Overall, would recommend!

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