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Veritas Gmat Course Review


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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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Course Structure & Depth

The course by Veritas lacks depth in each topic. Veritas books & lectures & skill builders are excellent tools for building basic foundations but they go only a little further in detailing those skills to GMAT level problems in proper scale & depth. For example Statistics, Sequences, Remainder, Divisibility, Probability lacks a lot of content as compared to the questions that are in official guides from GMAC.

Perhaps my biggest frustration with Veritas was its verbal side, it was just poor. Lacked a lot of detail & content, covered all the topics but just over the top, which for any non-native speaker can be hell to cope with. I had to rewire my brain using notes from Gmat club and then Manhattan Sentence correction guide. Repetitively bad verbal scores on mock tests can kill your confidence, it was just plain brutal for me to adjust. It was over-commercialized in lectures and one thing was told ( Focus on meaning) but not taught how it's done.
Even more so Reading comprehension is barely look over, I used GMAT club for that and just practice.

I was good at critical thinking on my own, but this side is fairly well structured as compared to the rest of the two


1)Topics are broken down into subtopics and each subtopic has its post course homework session, which really really helped me to latch on to those concepts. This for me was the best thing about it, and those questions are quite similar to official questions and do require your input.

2) Quiz tool is very very beneficial, you can set up your own quizzes from Quantitative or Verbal. Verbal Quizzes can ahead be subdivided into SC, CR or RC or you can mix all questions up. And the difficulty level of these questions is very high. These questions are challenging and solutions are insightful for the learning process.

3) Email-support, I have really bugged Veritas instructors with questions even from GMAT club and I always got a reply within a day, always. To me, this was very helpful as far as detailed responses go.

4) Highly detailed CAT's, this is pretty self-explanatory.

5) Well structured books on each topic, all lectures were uploaded in more detail in PDF on Veritas website. Anyone having any internet issues can just go through those PDF's which was also very helpful.


In short, Veritas is a good course but for me, it was not worth the spend. If I had time to research more on GMAT CLUB I wouldn't buy this course again. Its good for foundations but for descent score ( especially people who have been away from sharp math applications on daily basis or are non-native Speakers) this will not be as helpful as advertised.

My Advise is that for Verbal I have heard great things regarding e-GMAT ( don't know how accurate are they) But Manhattan Sc guide helped me. For Quant, Gmat Club is the place to be.
Secondly, take few days from your prep and just go through forums, you will be astonished of how much material you will find for your prep. Just go through find relevant material, make a game plan and then get at it.

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