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In general, there are a set of strategies everybody cover. For example, for CR-type questions read question stem first; for RC understand the gist of the passage etc. There are some stuff I learned from Veritas though: like SWIMMER, advanced math and logic etc. I believe some other programs also talk about SWIMMER (Manhattan?).

The most I appreciate on Veritas is that they hire only instructors at 99-percentile. Some had commented that good test takers do not necessarily be good teachers, which I totally agree. However, I would argue I don't need to pay if I am just learning the fundamentals - all these were covered in good materials like Kaplan. I got my money worth for observing these instructors tackling advanced problems - these are techniques not covered in any books. For example, they use shortcuts to get to answer quicker, techniques to spot tricks by GMAT test writers, methods/their gut feels to eliminate incorrect answers etc.

Note that I am already very familiar with the techniques and type of questions before taking Veritas. Veritas do cover every one of them. Personally, I found the advanced techniques are the most useful to me.

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