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A very satisfying experience with August Academy!!


After pondering over half a dozen admission consultants, I finally decided to go with August Academy. My results are a testimonial to the effectiveness of Karthik's streamlined method. I applied to six schools and was invited to interview with five of those; withdrew my application from one school, and was finally waitlisted at one and admitted to two schools with substantial scholarships.

My experience of working with Karthik has been nothing but wonderful. He spends a lot of time getting to know you and your story, including your personality type. Although, to some it may sound as unnecessary, but believe me, this is a very essential part of the puzzle. This 'getting to know you' process will reveal vital character traits and revelatory anecdotes. I felt I had not much of significance to say in my essays. But Karthik's constant prodding proved me wrong. Soon I realized how true Dostoyevsky was when he wrote, "But how could you live and have no story to tell?".

Next came the essay writing part. Here, Karthik has an ethical policy that he does not change much of the language. This is a boon for us applicants. The chiefly unchanged language ensures that your own, unique voice resonates through your writing, and your narrative is much more convincing.
But this is not to say that whatever you write will do. Karthik will be constantly at your elbow, gently prodding and guiding you; urging you to go into more detail into a topic he thinks is important or asking you to cut down a long-winded narrative which he thinks does not add much value.
To top it all, I was really impressed by his turn around time, even during the extremely busy time around R2 deadlines. On top of it all, he is easily accessible, and you can seek his advice and have discussions with him on topics not strictly related to your essays, e.g. moving to a new country for education, securing visa, etc. While most admissions consultants limit the number of consultations they do, Karthik works with you on a part of your application until he feels that we had made the most out of it.

Karthik's polite honesty, his dedication, and his professionalism make him standout among a sea of admissions consultants out there. I strongly recommend him to anyone thinking of hiring an admissions consultant. You cannot go wrong with Karthik.

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