May 05, 2017

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Strong Maths, Verbal could be enhanced


It is in my opinion the best way to study the Quantitative section of the GMAT, the ability to create its own quizz with specific topic is determining in my prep.

Then, access the correction with the thread that was once opened on the forum permits to mix the best of part of a forum with the best part of a software.

The limit of the GMAT CLUB tests is the Verbal section, lots of question seems not be official gmat material and sometimes to OE provided are not convincing.

In my opinion there is no better QUANT testing than this one, which allows to study specific topic, improve weaknesses and has an almost unlimited question bank. To study Verbal Section I prefer use other ways, even if all of the Verbal material has a dedicated post on GMAT CLUB (the forum).

Therefore, I strongly recommend to use GMAT CLUB tests to improve QUANT section

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