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July 21 | 2014
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I took the Complete prep of the Economist GMAT Tutor around 10-11 days back and have completed somewhere around 40% of the material. This reveiw is based on the experience with the program until now.
1. RC - I didn't find the strategy for RC suitable for me and thus I have reverted back to age old strategy of reading the entire passage.
2. SC - The work order used is pretty good as until I can visualize application of work order in every question that has appreared until now.
3. CR - Not much has appeared under CR until now, but it is pretty much satisfactory.

This section needs special appreciation as the way Quant has been taught is pretty good and is very logical. The level of questions is also pretty good and is getting better with every session.

I have asked around 10 doubts until now in Ask the Tutor and have received prompt and detailed replies. I haven't booked a skype session with any tutor until now, so cannot comment on the same.

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