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A Structured Approach to Quant


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I'm from Vietnam and currently a college senior majoring in Management Information Systems in the US. I thought that I had a decent background in math so I didn't focus on the Quant section at first. For my first attempt in December 2018, I got a Q44, which was very disappointing. I decided to give Target Test Prep a try after reading a lot of reviews on GMAT Club. I was in a time crunch so I decided to go with the accelerated study plan. I used the ESR from my first attempt to study my weakest chapters first. For each chapter, I studied the Must Know Review and then did 3-4 medium tests and 1-2 hard tests. I invested approximately 40 hours in total over 8 weeks and finally got a Q49 in my second attempt in March 2019. My improvement from Q44 to Q49 definitely came from the structured approach of Target Test Prep. Target Test Prep does an amazing job at breaking down each chapter into a manageable unit of knowledge. I love how each test question connects directly to a lesson so that I can quickly fill my knowledge gap. Jeff and Scott are also very responsive to emails to answers any questions. I'd highly recommend Target Test Prep for anyone who wants to improve their Quant score.

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