May 23, 2020

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Gmat Club Tests are a must!!!!


Hey guys, I cannot overestimate the benefits of the GCTs because when you aim for a higher quant score you have to be ready to face these rather tricky DS questions, ones that set your elite score. What GCTs do is not even help you but force you to deal with these types of questions in a few secs, because all the mistakes you make and all the wisdom you get to deal with them you will already have done when dealing with GCTs. When I started passing them, I thought that 25 tests would not be enough, so I rather saved a bunch of them for later, but I never needed the remaining tests. BECAUSE THEY ROCK, they make you see the given statements and go straight to answering, thanks to the very similarity to the trickiest questions GMAT will throw at you on the exam and some super analysis and tactics that Bunuel provide. You just can't not understand the question, neither will you not understand the way it is solved. Amazing!!!!

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