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Q50 (so far) with GMAT Club Tests


Hi all, I wanted to give back to the GMAT Club by sharing how the GMAT Club tests have helped me to reach Q50 (so far).
I started preparing for a month or two (like 4h a week) with Kaplan, Manhattan, and the Official Guide for both, Quant and Verbal. Then I changed my job and stop studying for a year, and started back studying with an app (Ready4GMAT) that was ok practicing but not for learning.
Finally, when I really focused on my application I started studying with the books again, but following the forum advise I realized that to get from Q40-45 I needed to get my abilities to another level and the GMAT Club tests were super helpful.
I did 8 of its Quant and 3 of its Verbal CATs (so 1/3) before the exam, I saw my Quant results improve from Q45 to Q49 (the 3 last tests before the exams I got that result), so I knew I had solid foundations.
Definitely they may be improved with a more advanced adaptive model (I feel stressing sometimes getting easy questions after having a good row of hard ones, gives me the impression that I may be making silly mistakes but is not for this exams), but being harder than the Official one means that if you manage to get a good level with them you should do quite well in the real exam.
They were really helpful to see what gaps I had in some math formulas or concepts (trailing zeroes, for example), and with the issues I experienced in the real (online) exam, practicing with them without the use of paper was decisive to perform high. I did review all the questions despite I had them right or not to see if the proposed solution may have been faster than mine and review my thinking.

I took the Online GMAT test last week and surprisingly I got a higher Quant score than ever before, Q50!
My overall score was quite disappointing (650) as my verbal was V28, I thought I had bombed quant and did not manage the time properly in Verbal, but in the Official exams I scored 40-41, maybe they were easier because I may have done some questions before, but still I was expecting a lowest V34-35 with bad timing. I will review my verbal issues with detail and will try to improve with the remaining tests I still have not used.

I hope this helps someone, definitely, other's reviews were really helpful for me!


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