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For a non-english speaker applicant, Good Quant but Poor Verbal


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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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Hi! My name is Pedro and I bought Veritas Prep on demand about a year ago.

First of all, i think its important to say that I am Brazilian and not an excellent english speaker.

I started studing using Veritas books and my Quant score improved really fast. I went from 43 to 51 in 2 months. Before studying for the GMAT, I was already good in Math (I studied engineering in one of the best schools of Brazil and was really good at math/ calculus).

Also, my Verbal score improved in Veritas mock tests (from 25 to 35), but when i moved to official practice my Quant score was below 30. I think i learned "how to do Veritas questions" but not the concept... After a few months using Veritas Verbal, I decided to pay a local course and it helped me a lot (I ended up scoring 740: Q50 V40)

Bottom line, I would not recommend Veritas online course for a non-native english speaker

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