June 07, 2017

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Good for practice!


I've been practicing GMATClub's test for my 2nd attempt and found it really helpful. The question bank is very diversified with thousands of questions in Quant and nearly 500 questions in Verbal. The good point is that all the questions you have done are recorded so that you will never encounter them again unless you clear your history. Besides, the "Collection" tab also helps you to save all the remarkable questions into collections for the revision. For me, I created 2 collections for my Error Logs in Quant and Verbal, it's easy for me to track all of my errors and get over them. The final great thing is the Ability analysis when you complete the tests, it will vary once you complete any test in Quant or Verbal, so that you can have an idea of where you are now.

However, it will be much better if there are more choices for Verbal compared to Quant. As my weak part is Verbal, I want to practice it more and more.

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