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It might be very helpful for some


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Course The Economist GMAT Tutor Premium Prep

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The algorithm is very good, but I have some concerns about the contents.

If you don’t know anything about this course, I will explain it to you by my words. This is not a typical course that you can go back and review things. The algorithm decides what you need to study and focus on your weakness. For example, for the first several weeks, you will receive a lesson-type-of-contents and you will learn the rules and techniques. And meanwhile, you will get some related questions. And algorithm kicks off and knows what your weakness and your strengths. And start focusing on your weakness till you really get them. At the end, if you don’t like to think what to study, this program might be very helpful, but if you want to control whatever you want to study, this might not be your thing. Yes, you can actually pick what topic you want to do, but that tool is really limited. After going through 5 questions, you will not have a choice anymore.

Second, actual tutors. They are simply useless. Sometimes, they are kind of useful, especially in math section, but for verbal, personally, I literally stopped using it because they really didn’t help me much.

Third, verbal section. They teach the basic concepts and some interesting techniques, but not all. And sometimes they seemed to contradict with OG and Manhattan, for example. And when I pointed that out, tutors never gave me a satisfying answer. Since I am not native, I’m not sure whether I was missing something or they simply didn’t know what they were talking about.

Fourth, quant. Since my score had been 49 or 50 in the actual GMAT test, my score didn’t improve at all, but I guess for some people it might be very helpful because there are SO MUCH problems you encounter. If you are below 48, I think it is worth doing 90% of the problems.

The only thing that I thought it was helpful was that I had this feeling that I need to study more and more to reach 90%, and thus it made me really study… To get to 50% is pretty easy. You can do it within a month, pretty easy. But after 50% it takes about 3 times longer to finish another 50%, so be aware of that if you are planning to take this course.

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