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I started to understand the admission process early this year. I was overwhelmed and confused. Some guidance came in the form of GMATclub, but it was clear I would need a proper guide for navigating these difficult waters.I looked at the available consultants, made the free consultations.

August academy stood out as clear winner for various reasons:

1. they use the raw material from the candidate and just mold it in a way to project the image perfectly.
2. they don't change the language so the essays come out as your own,
3. Karthik, my guide, is very understanding and considerate person. Very comfortable to work with.

So, I took a three school package. We started out with the basic getting to know the candidate stage and preliminary write-ups. In one week with that done, and deadline just two weeks away we dived in with the school specific essays.

It would have been impossible otherwise, but we managed to submit an 8 essay application in just 2 weeks. and a relatively smaller application in next 10 days. I got interview call from the both.

Karthik prepared me up for the interviews, he gave me a set of all basic and specific questions. I prepared. We discussed. and when I was ready we did mock interviews. Which helped a lot. The last interview I had, was 6 years ago. So those practice sessions were like a godsend, which I really needed.

In the end, we made application for two schools, Successful at IE business school and Waiting list at INSEAD.

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