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Currently i am working in PSU on life insurance field. I have spend 7 years in same organization but not received the remuneration as much as my college mates have received.
Finally i decided to appear GMAT exam for carrier advancement. Initially i didn't know how much GMAT is tougher. After spending some time to understand the structure of the examination, i have so worried about whether i succeed GMAT ? As i have already been taken the steps and, at the same time, mindset to prepare for the GMAT, I have no option to quit. That's why i have searching the best destination to prepare for GMAT exam on google. So many GMAT prep company i have fount there. Lot of times i have spent only to find out the best prep company. Among all i, finally, have chosen the two companies E-GMAT and Gmat Club which have received maximum rating from students in their respective field in GMAT verbal and quantitative. After completing the course content from both EGMAT and GMAT club i have confident to perform well in exam. The free content of GMAT Club is valuable as i practiced continuously especially math portion. GMAT Club test is adoptive in nature that given all explanation. GMAT Club forum is also be very helpful as if you could not solved any questions please wrote to forum, within small span of time you would get the replies, and got the best results. GMAT blog is posting so many contents related to application deadlines, fees, scholarships, admission consultancy, essay writing and even current round of applications.

The course content of EGMAT is designed especially for non-natives English speaker. All the course contents of SC, CR and RC i have now completed. All are amazing. The SC course of EGMAT i have seen that is like quantitative. Like math question, SC question whatever answers we have chosen for will be correct confidently or not correct. I have so satisfied to purchased the verbal course from E-GMAT. Right now, i am practicing the mock in alternate days, and i have reviewed all incorrect questions in next alternate days. Now i have decided to appear the GMAT exam in two months.

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