December 13, 2016

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GMATclub tests are tough but practicing them .....


Updated :-

Guys my Quant drastically improved practicing GMAT club test. GMATclub tests are the best invest you can make. They are seriously best for Quant.

Here is my review

Gmatclub tests are way above the level of GMAC questions, but trust me those questions are crafted in such a way that you can easily score 700+.
Specifically there Quant, they can assure you Q49+ provided you practice them diligently.

Even though there verbal questions are exactly the official guide formats.
They have a total of 1200+ Quant questions and 550+ verbal questions. Solve them after your foundation is at its best and you are scoring more than 35+ in both the sections. The reason being those questions are not meant for faint heart.

A kudos is always well appreciated. It act as a motivation for my posts.

Thank you

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