September 13, 2016

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Essential if you targeting above 700!


I have been a member for quite a while now and i have tried many questions of GMAT CLUB quant and verbal - not so much as quant. What GC Quant offers is a effective pool of 700 level quant questions that are brilliantly arranged according to 500 , 600 and 700 level. The test series is very effective as the level of quant is hard - very hard but the logic you need to apply to solve these questions is within the GMAT pattern . More than 90% of the questions are new and opens your mind to how pre-think in the real thing. I have tried 4-5 test until now for GC and in all i was amazed by the questions and their explanations . The trick involved here to solve the questions will help you open your mind on how to actually deal with hard questions in GMAT. So my suggestion to all my peers is go for GC test atleast surely for the QUANT part . These will really really help you for the real deal .
Verbal - I felt that the questions were good and mostly resembled GP .

In short go for it - it forms a great tool for practice .

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