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Veritas Online Course


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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

I cannot say enough of Veritas. delightful to company to work with. Before i talk about the course, I wanted to thank the instructors who host the homework hours. A good resource to get some instant help.

I did the online course because i live in the Midwest and the nearest metro is 2 hours away. The system they use is great. It is a full on camera in a room with a smart board and an instructor. Initially, i signed up with a different company since I have used their books for a bit of self prep. However, after sampling the Veritas online software, i just had to go with them. If you want to do online and have live instructors- Veritas. Hands down!

Ravi was my instructor. There not enough words to describe how great he is! There is a reason why he is Veritas’ highest rated instructor. The guy has catchy phrases (Ravi-isms we called them) that he will utter throughout the class. MEMORIZE THEM and INTERNALIZE THEM. I remember taking the exam and going through every answer and just kept repeating the Ravi-isms to myself. Just a great way to help you go through the answers especially in the Verbal section.

When you purchase the full course, you get access to the On-Demand videos. They were amazing as well! I used to have them playing in the background at work after my course with Ravi was over. Great tool to freshen up on some of the concepts.

Overall, great course! Great instructor! Great experience!

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