January 25, 2018

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Hello all. I used Veritas CAT for GMAT. I found them very useful in simulating test environment. Veritas CAT's SC and RC are especially very good. Quants on other hand is on a little higher side than GMAT quants , helping us to score a good score in GMAT official exam in quants. Veritas CAT's algorithm for scoring is also very accurate and we can say its very strict -> if you do consecutive 3 wrong - you will be highly penalised. Similarly, if you do a low level ques wrong for eg 450 level ques wrong -> forget about getting a good score in Veritas CAT -> This means -> scoring system is very tight and top notch -> You cant afford doing silly mistakes in easy ques and repetitive wrong questions.
Overall -> i would like to recommend Veritas CAT

I scored Q49 IR 5 AWA 4.5 and V 19 ( v19 came due to some bad experience and circumstances -> i was hoping for 700+) anyways -> IF you can score above 680 in VERITAS CAT -> feel relaxed to get 700+ in official exam.

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