August 11, 2017

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Go for it!!


This review is for GMAT Club Tests (GCT) for Quant.
GCT Quant Questions are generally more difficult than QG or GMAT prep but it helps build stamina, helping tackle most difficult questions.
Explanations are very clear and many GCT Quant questions are discussed for shortcuts or alternative approach. You will also have option to ask for clarifications to experts and post your feedback on questions.
Further, Practicing GCT Questions helps you overcome common traps that are found in highest difficult questions.
Questions are pooled in from all Quant areas.
To Summarize, I would say GCT Quant is good and would advise to go for it.

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August 15, 2017

I came to know about e-GMAT in Nov 2016 from Gmat club portal. After going through several reviews by many of achievers, I decided to join the course. I went through the free trial and blown off by the approach guided by the expert. I am an avid reader of English Newspaper in India but never read in the way described by e-GMAT.
I started going through the course and got hang on the verbal section. Sentence correction module is taught in a way a layman can also build upon to match the standard of GMAT or I want to say that the course is overly detailed and sentences are operated upon in great detail. It is like a surgeon operating the most entangled veins.
The quant course is still getting better but the approach taught is still the same as taught for verbal. Especially the number system and algebra are taught in most elaborate manner.

All in all, this is one of the best course available in the market in this price range.