August 03, 2017

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gmatclub Quant tests are the best


The Quant tests are great, so much one can learn: timing, strategy, shortcuts, tricks. My GMATCLUB Quant scores so far(47-48) have been at par with the MGMAT CAT and GMATPREP Quant scores (around 48-49). And amazing Analysis of results: topic wise weakness and strengths, and quiz suggestions to help you out. These test are a great way to test your depth of knowledge, timing, weak areas, etc.
I am not so confident about Verbal Cat though. I usually score above 38 in MGMAT, GMATPREP, etc. but here the questions just seem off and I can barely cross 28.. And got a few Stimulus/ Passage with different questions in different CATS.
Quant CATs are a must for 700+ aspirants.
Although it might be my computer/network fault, but there's a glitch : If you accidentally click NEXT twice, a question gets skipped, without asking for confirmation. This happened once in my Verbal CAT. Please Check.

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