April 04, 2018

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My Review: August Academy


I worked with Karthik for Fall '18 Full time MBA applications. I started with my essays quite late but thanks to Karthik's intensive involvement, I was able to complete my applications on time. His quick responses decreased the turnaround time for each essay and resume draft iteration. He helped me simplify the technical jargons in a way that it becomes easier for adcoms to get an idea about my work experience. The brainstorming sessions were particularly helpful to extract stories that could be used to demonstrate the strength and challenges out of my life events in the application. He continuously encouraged me to convey my thoughts in best possible way to the adcoms in mock interviews. I found his art of explaining complex logic using examples very useful. Karthik is so approachable that there were instances when I was running out of time because of looming application deadlines and he graciously accepted my request to provide the edits in a day..

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