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Yes - school of my dreams

I just wanted to chime into the discussion and mention the consultant I used, which I don't think anyone has discussed yet. Like many of you, I took many companies up on the free initial consultation - I think I spoke with consultants from MBAmission and Admit Advantage. I was referred to Tyler Cormney ( by a colleague, and I eventually chose to work with him.

I started the process pretty early - I took the GMAT in May and started working with Tyler soon after. We spent probably the first 2 months working on my story, goals, personality/leadership strengths and weaknesses, etc. - basically, all the building blocks. With that ironed out early on, essay writing became significantly easier, and I firmly believe that is where I got the most value from Tyler. He really took the time to get to know me as a person, and that helped him mold my story.

In terms of essay editing, I found him to be very helpful and prompt as well - I write a lot of lengthy (and difficult to understand) sentences, so he really helped there, as well as making sure that the entire thing made sense as a whole. I did a mock interview with him too, and he did lots of research beforehand to make sure that he asked questions that the school's admissions officers typically ask.

Anyhow, if any of you have questions about Tyler, I'd be happy to answer them - I got into my top choice school with a scholarship, so the results definitely show.

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