December 12, 2015

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First the good things - the B-school has good infrastructure and the professors are also very knowledgeable with significant grasp on their subjects. For any student who wants to learn about analytical things, there are a plethora of subjects to choose from. Krannert provides its students several standard facilities such as WSJ membership etc., and partial reimbursement for travel to Career Fairs etc. The biggest thing that has helped people in recent past is the fact that some of them got good scholarships and Graduate Assistantships and that reduced the financial burden significantly.

Now, for areas of improvement, the Career Services really needs to do more than what it's doing, because the networking with alumni and companies is not happening as well as it should - and this is resulting in international students to look for Jobs themselves. The thing is that, Krannert is not a very big brand name right now, even while being a part of Purdue University and that is not helping the Job/Internship search. Additionally, there is too much emphasis on Supply Chain and Operations at Krannert, which is not exactly why most people go for an MBA. The other disciplines such as Strategy, Consulting etc. are not getting their fair share of attention.

The student life is good there, there are people from all over the world, there are good clubs and social events are organized regularly. One more thing - West Lafayette is an isolated place, so sometimes it can be boring, and chances of self-networking for Job/Internship search are hampered (people in East/West Coast have that advantage). On the other hand though, living expenses are less, so it can be a positive factor also - depending on how you look at the location.

Overall BSchool experience (3.0)
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Curriculum, Classes, Professors

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Supply Chain and Operations

Can be improved:

Alumni Network
Career opportunities provided by school
Specialization in a particular area (e.g. Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, etc)

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March 19, 2012

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Review for Amerasia Consulting


Hi All,

I'm writing this review to provide some insight (based on my opinion and experiences) about services provided by Amerasia Consulting. Last year, at about this time, I got in touch with Amerasia Consulting after seeking the opinion of fellow GMATClubbers who had written reviews about various Consulting companies. Besides, I spoke to a few other consultants also but I thought most of them were really pricey, and Amerasia offered me nothing less than what they did in their packages. Simultaneously, I read the various posts from Paul Lanzilotti and found them to be really astute.

So then, I mailed them my profile and soon Adam set up a preliminary call with me to assess the situation and to provide his suggestions. In the very first call itself, I was prepared to take extensive notes and I did so. Adam was very clear in his suggestions and he made me think in a positive manner because he pointed out the strengths + weaknesses in my profile and told me the absolute must things that I need to do to get through in the US B-Schools. Earlier, I had spoken to another consultant and I had received the advice that at my age (34) US B-Schools wouldn't probably be a good option because they prefer younger people and thus, I would be better off trying the European B-Schools. (Please read my review till end to know why I’ve mentioned this).

However, Adam dismissed that notion and said that every B-School seeks people who are from different background, and older applicants do bring a lot of professional insight that is essential to the proper grooming of students in the class. Simultaneously, he recommended me B-Schools that would be within reach based on my personal + professional profile; of course, I debated with him the choices and he suggested me broadly what each B-School would mean from various perspectives (besides rankings). The point is that all of this discussion definitely gave me a lot of data points and food for thoughts to plan out my MBA pursuit.

Soon thereafter, our stint began and he asked me to fill a questionnaire and that helped me in solidifying my essays and in articulating my career goals. During the phase of essay writing, he helped me in refining them further and the most impressive factor is that there was no upper limit on the number of reviews he would have done (this can become really valuable if you really want to polish and strengthen your application). The pdf documents he used to provide with essay breakups were very helpful in getting me started on my own, and by writing my essays, and by acting on his review feedbacks, I definitely was able to prepare for my interviews by default :).

I must say that though I couldn’t get through in two R1 B-Schools we had worked together, I wouldn’t attribute it solely to Adam for suggesting those names. For one thing, I’ve heard that R1 was very uneven this year and secondly, I’m WL at one place and got offer for another MBA Program in the second B-School. Needless to say, the essays I had written in the R1 were very helpful in the R2, and the way Adam had pointed out weaknesses in my essays helped me in cracking essays for the other B-Schools as well. Finally, when I started getting interview calls in my R2 packages, Adam arranged a mock interview for me with another consultant in his company (along with his own set of dos and don’ts for the interview) and that proved to be quite useful as well.

Therefore, I can easily suggest that you can always go for Amerasia Consulting as your top choice because:

1) Adam is a brilliant and sincere guy, if he selects you as a client, he’ll definitely make sure that he does everything for you to bolster your package and to bring out the best aspects of your application.

2) His Knowledge of the Admission Process and B-Schools is extraordinary. I was talking to my college seniors also who had gotten through in B-Schools previously and they said pretty much the same things about the B-Schools as Adam did, so I Would tend to think that the advice coming from Adam was of very high quality.

3) While working with him, you’ll get personal attention which is very important to keep the morale high and maintain the tempo and accuracy during the application phase. Sometimes the whole process can be really nerve wrecking and you definitely need a person who can egg you on.

Disclaimer - Because of some personal/professional reasons, I am unable to reveal the names of the B-Schools I’m in, however, I *might* disclose them in the coming days, so please do not think that my review is a “hollow” one :). I have multiple offers now and one B-School I can name where I’m in is Kelley School of Business (with Scholarship).

Last but not the least, I got dinged at European B-Schools and got through in Canada and US B-Schools (I had applied on my own to the Canada B-Schools).

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