July 17, 2018

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After Three Months of GMAT CLUB TEST...


At the outset i must tell you that there Quant section is tough and it's way tougher then actual GMAT.... Having said that, the 3 months of GMAT CLUB TESTS and quant wont be a problem in GMAT!!
I was scoring around 45 to 47 in other test series then i migrated to Gmat club test and when i took my first test my score plunged to 39 and I was disappointment as most of us would, but later on while reviewing it i released that i never thought of solving the questions the way it has been shown and from that moment on i forgot how bad or good i'm scoring but how i'm attempting the questions mattered.. and it helped me a lot in learning new things and which in turn helped me in scoring good in the following test.... So, if Quant is the problem then sign it and start the learning process..

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