November 17, 2013

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Product ARINGO Hourly Services

Consultant Yigal Walt

I can't think of a way to express my gratitude for the last year… starting with the first phone call and first meeting, through the intensive exchange of emails during the process until the final stage of my admission to NYU Stern.

Especially I'd like to thank Yigal, my consultant, for endless emails and editing at the highest level I've seen. Even when he returned my first essay after the first round of editing I was already impressed. After that I got used to the "magic" he can create with my essays, without even changing the content at all. In addition, he gave me many ideas and was able to extract from me the crucial information for the essays. It was clear that this process is a profession for him and his substantial experience in this field was shown.

Both my consultant and the Aringo staff was able to provide me with support exactly when it was needed. I want to thank Aringo for the entire process. Your assistance during the last year was invaluable!

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