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Veritas Prep Online -- I personally loved the Veritas program


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There seems to be quite a bit of suspicion regarding positive comments on this site, so let me preface my post by saying I don’t work for either of these testing companies. I’m just a guy who had ok grades in college and realized he’d need to completely destroy the GMAT to have any prayer of getting into a decent MBA program. I chose to do the Veritas Prep online course and admittedly really don’t know much about Manhattan GMAT, so I can’t compare the two curriculums. I can, however, say that I was extremely pleased with my GMAT score after completing the Veritas Prep course.

Before starting any of the online lessons, I completed one of the practice exams offered in the online course and scored a 610. I realize that you could argue the validity of using this score as a baseline considering that it isn’t “an official GMAT score,” but it’s, quite frankly, the only score I have to go off, as I’d never taken the GMAT before. After completing the Veritas course, I sat for the GMAT last week and scored a 730. Any way you slice it, baseline score or no baseline score, that is a pretty good place to be when testing day has come and gone.

I personally loved the Veritas program. The online course gives you a ton of flexibility and more tests and practice problems than you would ever really want to do. It puts all the resources that you need to get a great score on the exam at your fingertips, and helps to ensure that the time you’re investing in studying for the GMAT is being used efficiently. I think the highest compliment you can really pay to a preparatory course is that it ultimately gives you control over how well you will do on an exam, such that the more you dedicate yourself to their curriculum, the higher you’ll score on the exam. I honestly believe that the Veritas course meets this criterion, and that you can rest assured that there won’t be any surprises come exam day.

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