September 14, 2016

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The best quant tests in the whole world!!


If you want to practice the toughest quant questions, GMATClub tests is where you come. This is the toughest. Nothing even comes close - not even Manhattan advanced gmat quant!

I was scoring in the range of 48-50 in quant in Veritas, GMAT Prep and Manhattan tests. However, in first timed exam that I took in GMATClub Test, I scored 43. The tough questions are so beautifully designed that it exploits your every little weakness and motivates you to learn new tricks. Learnt a very useful techniques while going through the solutions. Also, the responses from GMATClub community are so helpful. Verbal tests are not too bad. A word of caution, though. Don't rely too much on the solutions. They are not convincing enough and lack the subtlety of real GMAT questions.

Highly recommended though!!

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