January 26, 2013

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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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I signed up for Veritas because it has been considered one of the best, and I didn't want to mess around with inferior study materials on my 3rd go around with the GMAT.

I actually started with the books only for about a month, and then transitioned to the on-demand course - which was well worth it!!

The good:
-Comprehensive materials, tons of practice problems. Kudos to people who actually finish every book and every question.. there's A LOT of material!
-Access to great instructors. With the course, you get access to daily live office hours sessions. Biggest value of the course, invaluable!
-Easy to follow lessons. Good stuff.

The not so good:
-Mixed bag of instructors. Some instructors will blow you away and are phenomenal. Some leave me scratching my head wondering how this person could possibly be an instructor. Disappointed that not every instructor was amazing.. I mean this is a major selling point that Veritas pushes!
-Very little on test strategy. Almost all the materials are focused on foundations and concepts. I had to seek out additional materials on strategies, especially on timing.
-Could be better with statistical analysis of my performance. While Veritas has plenty of practice exams, there isn't much in the way of helping you analyze them. I took one MGMAT practice exam and was blown away by how much depth of analysis they provide relative to Veritas.
-Instructor no-shows. Huh? On multiple occasions I log in for office hours and nobody shows up. Granted, customer service was fantastic when I complained, but I still feel it's unprofessional.

Overall great experience, but given some frustrating experiences and the positive experiences with other test prep material, I feel like I got great value yet I'm hesitant to say Veritas is the best course out there.

In the end, Veritas helped me raise my score 80 points so either way, I got a great result!

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May 26, 2013



I wonder what kind of material is covered in CR section on demand, I already got the app but couldnt find proper info regard to that.
I need to know how many hours is covered and if the instructors go through any question or its just teaching.