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Winning application within a 1-month timeline


I worked very closely with Jennifer for my INSEAD application and I ultimately secured an admit from the school with a scholarship!

I want to thank Jennifer for her guidance and expertise in this incredibly challenging process. With only 1.5 months to INSEAD's deadline, I had little time to meet the submission timeline while overcoming the challenges of developing my first application.

I was looking for a consultant who has a long track record and a proven ability to deliver success within a very short period of time, given the timeline I had. I started searching around for suitable consultant bios and after hearing a GMATClub-hosted talk on YouTube by's founder Linda Abraham, I decided to look through Accepted’s consultant bios. That’s when Jennifer’s client reviews also stood out to me.

I read all of Jennifer’s reviews on Accepted, GMATClub, and several other sources prior to meeting her over a call. In that free consultation call, Jennifer assessed my initial odds given my profile and career goals in relation to my target and reach schools (INSEAD, Wharton, HBS, MIT) and gave useful tips on how to navigate applications for US B-schools given my age profile. At this point in time, I was certain that she understood my position and profile, and it helped me decide on working with her.

Jennifer lives up to her reputation as a star consultant. Here's why:

1) Exceptional empathy
- Having given Jennifer a very in-depth 55-page breakdown of my background (from where I was born, my developmental influences as a person, my military experiences, and my career stories), I actually felt awkward - I was telling someone I met for the first time my (almost) entire life story in a 55-pager, trying to get to the details as much as I could. Jennifer was very sensitive to what I was trying to say and empathetic in the way she handled the stories I wrote – it made me felt much more comfortable in trusting her with this information. On top of that, Jennifer went through all 55 pages of it in just 1 night, turning around with her advice in under 24 hours.

- When going through my personal stories, Jennifer helped me see my achievements in a different light and highlighted select key influences that formed the fundamental cornerstones in writing a genuine, persuasive, and original application. Having to juggle a rigorous project at work as well, I had difficulties keeping to a similar quick turnaround for Jennifer. She helped me stay on track through gentle reminders and emails checking in on my progress to offer any help she could. I would say she was instrumental in helping me tackle the highly rigorous application process for INSEAD, all of these within a very tight 1-month timeline.

2) Service excellence
- As mentioned and having experienced her quick turnaround myself, Jennifer was able to give her feedback on my stories and application essays (on top of navigating other client applications) mostly within 24-48 hours. She was also very professional and provided very prompt feedback, and was readily available through text, calls, and emails. Knowing that Jennifer was accessible and very quick in her turnaround helped allay my anxiety and gave me confidence that I could work with her closely to turn in a winning application.

3) Sharp and effective feedback
- Jennifer demonstrated a very high level of attention to detail as well as objectivity, helping me look at the stories I wrote through the school's perspective.
- Most importantly, Jennifer was ready to give you that tough love on your application through her direct and clear feedback. This helped me push my application to new levels and ultimately, a winning one.

I am very appreciative and thankful to Jennifer for helping me realize a long-time personal goal. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is applying to B-school (especially for the first time or looking to turnaround their applications).

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