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Admission with Right Planning and Coaching - Empower GMAT


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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Well you must have read so many stories of 700 and getting to top univs.
I say to you not all are 700's , not all 700's go to top univs and not all top univs graduates make it big...
So back yourself,cz not one else will...

My story?
GMAT 1 :- 580
GMAT 2 :- 560
GMAT 3 :- 640

My choice of schools Imperial and CASS.
Why? because i want to be in London.

Why not LBS?
Almost 100,000 GBP in education, i might as well invest in my business.
Plus i knew i could not score a 700.

Hence, all three times i studied through Empower, i however started pretty late the 1st attempt only 2 weeks, then on second i did not follow the course as it was supposed to be followed. The third time i said to myself i only need 640 lets get serious and lets do as Rich says...

I followed the course and scored what i was needed....

Then came the essays, and interviews .

9 years of battling in sales you know how to sell..So i did...

And tell you what guys even got a scholarship. Hence iam managing my finances right now and will start in September.

Empower has been a driving force, when i was down and out brian made sure i was back and with my studies.

Every trick that the course has to offer works real time and easy to inculcate.

At the end all i have to say these guys have split GMAT wide open and their course is a must.



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August 14, 2016