October 12, 2017

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Must for anyone targeting to score above Q47


I got my GMATClub tests as part of e-GMAT course and I'm truly happy for having used GMATClub tests as part of my preparation. When I started my first quant CAT, I literally was disheartened to see such tough questions after having practiced all questions from OG. I didn't want to try these tests again but as I was going through the reviews, I just realized that how such difficult questions from GMATClub can boost my confidence and accuracy. So, irrespective of the difficulty level, I made a point to continue with these tests and my persistent effort started to pay me off. Slowly, my quant score which was fluctuating between Q42 to Q45 started to leap off above Q47. All along, I was reviewing the answers after a test and that helped me to sharpen and condition my mind. All in all, GMATClub tests are responsible for my Q48 score in my first attempt. So, don't hesitate, just try them.

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