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GMAT Club tests - My observations on both sectional tests


Hi Team,

Let me get straight to the point. I will review the tests based on sectional.

I am pleased with the quality of the questions( especially 700 level) . You get a 47 above in these tests and it is sure of Q51 in the main exam. Having given the test twice(scored Q50 both times), I am quite sure how the questions would be in the actual exam. 700 level questionsof GMAT club tests are close in logic to the actual 700 level questions you can get in the main exam.
However, the lack of adaptiveness of the tests is bit disappointing. As we know, GMAT is a mental game. Simulating the exam conditions by adopting a adaptive algorithm is crucial I believe. It doesnt make sense to get a 600 level question in the last 5 minutes when you are doing really well.


Again the quality of questions is very good. But the number of questions is too low(compared with quant). A person like me who is weak at verbal( which is most of the cases) is not that benefited from GMAT club verbal tests. I would suggest developing more verbal questions so that everyone gets benefited.Put yourself in my shoes!! what will you think when you see 25 quantitative tests and ONLY 8 verbal tests side by side.Again the adaptive algorithm is missing.

Best thing about the tests is that it's User Interface is same as that of GMAT. It gives a feel of accustomed to the test .
I am currently seeking a 2 week extend to my subscription as I am giving the GMAT again on oct8th,2016.

I criticise only when I feel the other party deserves an imrovement i.e they are currently doing good and be dominant with further improvement.
Excuse me in case i sound too harsh.

But since Jan,2015 I am a big fan of GMATclub and love to be always.

Vijay Suman Nunna.

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