September 30, 2020

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An okay Test


I had exhausted my GMAC mocks and needed mocks for practice and thankfully got Veritas Mocks as part of GMAT club bundle.

Look: The first task Vertias should do to improve their testing experience is to match the screens with GMAT. Ability to run on full screen is a invaluable, may also help in answering their verbal questions that tend to be very... more later.

Performance: There is a general lag between questions, I have tried using home wifi and mobile data both had a similar issue. This is the single biggest reason that may have caused my performance on the test to vary. The counter keeps running while we wait for the question to run and on Verbal when we are pressed for time this just plain annoys.

Verbal: I will give some credit here as it's not easy to create GMAT's like verbal questions but Vertias can do well by not stuffing the section with long SC and RC. It's almost like Long = tough on verbal, which should not be. Would rate verbal part as 6/10

Quant: Nice quirky questions, not too hard and unrealistic.

Analysis: Scope for improvement, please include section-wise performance metrics such as performance in algebra et al.

Overal, if you are looking to build stamina, an okay alternative to real deal.

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