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Emily A. with Veritas Prep - Highly Recommend!


I shouldn't need to tell anyone this, but the application process is a long, rough journey. On any given week, I would be working on essays, refining my resume, networking with school alumni, participating in extracurricular activities, and, of course, working full-time. As a result, one of the things I valued most in a consultant was efficiency. Enter: Emily.

If responsiveness and punctuality weren't top characteristics you were considering in a consultant, think again. Emily went above and beyond in this regard, and I truly believe that made all the difference. What's the point of thought-provoking feedback if you have you have to rush to implement it? I can't guarantee this for everyone, and I certainly didn't expect it for myself, but Emily usually returned a full essay review in less than a day - and by that, I mean I would email her Monday night, and she would return it Tuesday morning. This incredible turn-around time was a valuable luxury in an otherwise hectic process.

Another aspect I really appreciated about Emily was her feedback style. She is a straight-shooter, and would immediately re-direct me in times of uncertainty. That's not to say she was insensitive - because that's not true - but she was candid in her review and I really valued that. I didn't need someone to make me feel good about my writing, I needed someone to understand my story, review my work, and help me get into business school. The end result? I got in!

All this to say, if you get the chance, I highly recommend working with Emily.

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