3 Wharton MBA Program Updates

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WhartonA recent Poets & Quants article outlines three important updates to the Wharton admissions process and curriculum.

The three innovations are:

1. Team-Based Discussion for MBA Applicants

Wharton's vice dean, Karl T. Ulrich, says that these discussions or "tests" will give the admissions committee a new "tool to take prospective students off the page" of a standard application.

Ulrich continues to explain the procedure as follows:

The team-based discussions will allow candidates the opportunity to interact with fellow applicants through discourse involving real-world business scenarios, which will highlight how they approach and analyze specific situations. Our hope is that this will give applicants a glimpse into Wharton’s group learning dynamic – which is central to our program. We believe that this type of assessment also serves as a tool to take prospective students ‘off the page’ and allows us to see firsthand the ways in which they can contribute to our community of diverse learners and leaders.

This new evaluation method, which was tested late last year, will be launched during the 2012-2013 admissions cycle.

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Ulrich added that the group interview is meant to supplement, not replace, the more traditional, individual interview.

2. Semester in San Francisco

Second year Wharton MBA students will now be able to spend their first semester at Wharton's west coast campus in San Francisco. This opportunity will provide greater exposure to careers in technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.

3. Expanded Educational Opportunities for Alumni

Ulrich announced in a statement on the Wharton website that in addition to the two changes discussed above, Wharton is rolling out additional educational options for alumni, called Lifelong Learning.

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