Curious about Management Consulting?

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victor-chengFor my next Admissions Straight Talk podcast, I'm going to interview Victor Cheng. Victor has many claims to fame, including:

  • Former McKinsey consultant, resume screener, and case interviewer.
  • Passed 60 out of 61 case interviews and landed 7 consulting job offers.
  • Author of Case Interview Secrets, an extremely clear and well-written book on excelling in case interviews.
  • Since 2003, strategic adviser and consultant to owners of mid-size business in service or web- based industries with $1M - $25M in sales.
  • Speaker and expert on business issues turned to by media outlets including TIME, The Wall Street Journal, Inc, Fortune, and others.

I plan to focus this segment of Admissions Straight Talk on preparation for a career in management consulting. I have a bunch of questions I know I want answers to, but I am also wondering:

What would you like me to ask Victor? What would you ask him if you could?

Please put those suggestions, requests, and questions in comments below. Don't be shy. I am asking this same question in various social media too.

I'll take the ones I'm dying to ask along with the best ones you send me, and they will be the building blocks of the next Admissions Straight Talk podcast.

We'll post the segment here on Thursday May 23. To make sure you don't miss it or any other segments of Admissions Straight Talk, the podcast for graduate school applicants, please subscribe:

It can't be easier, just put your questions in a comment below.

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[4] Comments to this Article

  1. Michael Hollis May 19, 9:00 PM

    For someone who is curious about management consulting but is a recent graduate of a liberal arts school without any management consulting or finance internships. What advice would you have for someone with such a background who wanted to try to break into management consulting?

  2. Linda Abraham May 19, 9:56 PM

    Excellent question, Michael. I’ll ask it. Thanks.

  3. May 22, 2:20 PM

    Michael, I asked your specific question and Victor answered it well, along with a bunch of other questions. The podcast shoudl be live tomorrow. You can download from or . It will also be posted here, but maybe not tomorrow.


  4. David L. Schiavone February 5, 4:58 AM

    I had my graduation in computer science. Almost fed up with the IT job. I wanted to switch to management consulting job. What all things required to get an internship in Consulting MNC’s like KPMG ?