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Posts by August Academy Admission Consulting, a GMAT Club Partner

Do GMAT Waivers work?

Karthik 0

Should you request a GMAT waiver? We had another very successful session on August 10, 2021.  This also gave us the opportunity to address a question that is at the…

The (international) MBA Application Process

Karthik 0

In the following series of posts, we discuss how one should go about the (international) MBA Application Process. An overview – what do you need to get into a top-tier…

Should you quit your job to prepare for the GMAT?

Karthik 0

Ideally, you shouldn’t be taking a break from work to write the GMAT.  Having said that, some students do take breaks, and it doesn’t affect their applications negatively. Ensure that…

Shubhangee: IT -> Simon

Karthik 0

I believe that I was profoundly benefited through the extensive experience he had with his other MBA candidates over the years. If not for his ingenious counsel, I would not…

Kartik: Energy -> Tuck

Karthik 0

if you ask the right questions, there is often a much more meaningful reason and core belief that is guiding your decision making. Karthik was a pro at doing this and…