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Ace Your GMAT Test with GMATClub Practice Exams

The Most Challenging GMAT Tests Available Online

What is the one secret all world-champion athletes know? That the harder they challenge themselves in practice, the better they'll perform in the heat of competition.

When it comes to your GMAT preparation, don't settle for weak practice tests! You know the kind... they feature easy questions that are meant to boost your confidence. But that confidence is shattered when you step in front of the real GMAT test.

We pride ourselves in crafting the most difficult questions and the most challenging practice test experience. You should challenge yourself to confront your weak areas, thereby improving your chances of getting your best score.

Starting is easy: take two free GMAT Practice Test right here at GMATClub. Our online GMAT tests are composed of over 1,200 math and verbal questions, purposely made to be more challenging than the actual GMAT.

More than 100,000 GMAT practice test-takers here at GMATClub can attest to the level of difficulty and satisfaction they received upon the completion their GMAT test prep.

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Inside Our GMAT Practice Tests

GMAT Club's online preparation tests offer more than 1,200 math and verbal questions specifically written to be more challenging than the actual GMAT and our community of over 50,000 applicants agree. Each of our 25 math and 6 verbal sets are designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses while teaching you new solving techniques to help you more quickly answer questions during the actual GMAT Test.

When you see our GMAT practice test, you will see that it closely resembles the actual interface and layout of today's GMAT tests. This feature can help you become familiar with the look of the actual exam, guiding you as you breeze through the questions. Apart from this, other practical tools such as test history and question review, self-timer, and comprehensive answer explanations can be found in our GMAT test prep.

What's Included?


"I would strongly suggest GMATClub tests... (even if you do it un-timed) just to get used to SUPER tough questions and learn the tricks and shortcuts. After that, GMATPrep or even the real GMAT will seem easy!"

- Kryzak 760 (Q51 V41)

"The importance of these tests was that they taught me to PAY ATTENTION. For example, "if n is a positive integer..." --- DON'T TRY n=0 or n=-1/2 when trying to solve the problem!"

- Sonibubu 780 (Q50, V47)

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GMAT Club Tests include 25 math and 6 verbal sets with close to 1,200 questions.

Our tests and tools offer you:

  • A testing experience that is similar to the actual GMAT Test - Our online interface closely resembles the actual GMAT test from question layout and navigation to the inclusion of the final answer confirmation window
  • Flag Question Tool - Provides the opportunity to flag questions during or after your test for later review
  • Test History & Question Review - Your username provides access to your Test History Page which includes a list of all taken tests and your scores, plus it gives you the ability to review all flagged questions and those answered incorrectly
  • Comprehensive Answer Explanations - Each question includes a detailed explanation to help you learn the fastest method to solve it
  • Self-Timer - Option to turn it on or off
  • Unlimited Access for 12 months
  • Support - 24 hour additional help is available from our dedicated test forum. You can also post your suggestions for alternative solutions here.

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